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  • Over the course of your career, you've developed unique expertise and ideas you'd like to capture in a book, one that may turn into an important promotional vehicle for you and your business. Sitting down to write the book, however, will take an enormous amount of time, and you have a business to run. You need someone who can interview you, organize your articles and blogs, and turn them into the book you've dreamed of having for your marketing efforts.
  • You've had an interesting life, so you have lots of stories to tell. That being said, you're smart enough to realize that despite your many talents, writing does not come naturally to you. You'd like to tell your stories to someone who can ask the right questions and turn them into a book your family and friends will treasure for generations.
  • Your medical center, research facility , or theater deserves attention, but the media has not taken notice. You'd love to meet a writer who already understands your industry, who can turn your story into a publication-worthy article.

Randi Minetor has more than forty years of professional writing experience, spanning newspaper and magazine stories, blogs, websites and nearly 70 books. She has the skills you need to tell your story.

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