True Stories About Deaths in the Parks


Whether it’s a grizzly bear attack, a fall off a cliff, a climbing expedition gone wrong, a hike that ended badly, a murderous spouse, or a flash flood in a slot canyon, sometimes people visit a national park and don't live to come home. Randi has spent many hours in dusty libraries, up to her elbows in newspapers and microfilm to find the stories of these ill-fated explorers. Her books in the "Death in the Parks" series reveal the tiny mistakes that can result in the end of a life—and they always contain tips to help you stay alive in the national and state parks. 


Randi Minetor's book, Death on Katahdin, published by Down East Books, includes fatalities from falls and exposure to cold weather to cardiac arrest and drowning. But thankfully, she also includes catastrophes that turned out okay. Randi did a huge amount of research in order to write this book. And she reassures us that our visit to Baxter State Park "will not be dangerous if you proceed with caution, carry what you need for any situation, and stay aware of your surroundings." Good advice.

-- George Smith, Bangor Daily News